About Us

We are based in New Zealand and manufacture our own wonderful range of products for face, hair and body. We don’t do mainstream products because we can’t possibly compete with the big guys so you create products that are generally unique.  One of our very unique products is LK100 Keratin Hair Treatment.

This product is natural and is works incredibly well at adding body to your hair as well as smoothing out the frizz.

We discovered the power of Keratin for hair quite by accident. One of our other amazing products is CK Collagen and Keratin tablets. While talking to our suppliers of Keratin we asked if it came in liquid form and of course it does. We tried a little on our hair (and you do only need a little), and the results were outstanding. As well, there were none of the unfortunately side affects that were being reported about other Keratin hair care products, such as it being toxic which meant you had to be very careful not to get it on your scalp. With our LK Keratin it is actually food grade so you could drink it if you wanted to!

Taking The Frizz Out Of Hair